Adult Face Masks

Having the right face mask is everything. Germ Freak would like to be your first choice. Unique style designs for every need. For the working professional or any individual that needs one. We turn stares into smiles.

Uses:Flu Virus -dust-dirt-pollen and can be worn in the work place -hospital/medical environment- airplanes - during dialysis, chemo treatments, nail salons, beauty salons, outdoor protection, cleaning house, cutting grass, gardening, cooking, food service, hospitals, hospital visits, family gatherings, or any where you choose! It is reusable, machine washable (delicate cycle) and dryer friendly. You can use a warm iron if needed. These are also great gift items as well!


100% Cotton Outer Facing
Comfortable on the Face
Soft Breathable lined inner facing
Soft Elastic Ear Loops
Great for everyday use!

The day I put a mask on my face made me feel the way I had encouraged so many NOT to feel about themselves "awkward and ashamed." So many people would stare at the yellow mask on my face, even the children would run in fear. Hurtful but true. No one should have to feel that way about something they have no control over, and that's what inspired me to turn all of those "stares into smiles."
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